Tokenomics FAQ

Wen token? Wen IDO? Wen moon?
TAL will go public in 2022. We aim for a token launch in the first half of the year, product and market circumstances permitting.
How do I get TAL in the Beta admin?
TAL is not live, so there is no way to acquire TAL in the beta. You can buy individual Talent Tokens and they will be converted to TAL at a price of $0.02 upon launch. For example: you buy 1,000 PEPE for 100cUSD. When TAL goes live, your 1,000 PEPE can be converted to 5,000 TAL.
Can I sell Talent Tokens in the Beta?
No, you can only buy Talent Tokens and stake them. Until public launch, you cannot sell what you invested in talent.
When can I sell?
All tokens purchased in the Private Beta are subject to vesting. Here are the vesting requirements:
10% at TGE, 5% monthly for 18 months.
Why do you have vesting?
You have the possibility to purchase Talent Tokens that can be later converted to TAL at a lower price than at the Public Raise or listing. Therefore, it is only fair to subject all tokens in the Beta to the same vesting. Furthermore, we want to incentivize long-term investors to participate in developing and contributing to the protocol.
How much can I buy?
The maximum allocation is 5k cUSD i Talent Tokens. Accounts that exceed this limit or suspicious accounts can be frozen at the discretion of the Core Team and in accordance with the community.
Where can I get cUSD?
The easiest way to buy cUSD is to swap USDT on Kucoin or via Ubeswap (native Celo DEX).