$TAL Token Sale Plan

TAL is the governance token of Talent Protocol, it has a maximum supply of 1 000 000 000 (1b) tokens and the value at launch of each TAL token (Public Raise) is assumed to be $0.1. It will be launched at the time of releasing the public beta. Previous to TAL on mainnet, the same mechanisms will exist but we'll use cUSD to acquire Talent Tokens directly and any rewards not in Talent Tokens will be retroactively distributed (staking, etc).
The token sale plan is here.
We're aiming to have TAL total supply unlocked after 54 months. This doesn't necessarily mean that it will be distributed and circulating since the reward system is designed to last a longer period of time.

Token Launch

Any talent on the Talent Protocol platform can launch their token once their profile has been completed. The only requirement to launch a Talent Token is to have sufficient funds to pay the gas required to launch the token.
Upon launching the token, the contract will mint 2000 tokens and transfer them to the talent, these tokens are funded through the Community Rewards. This initial set of tokens is recommended for bootstrap the talent's initial community and perhaps rewarding any past supporters. After this point, anyone with access to the Talent Protocol platform can start staking on the talent and mint new Talent Tokens.

Stake on Talent

Users of the protocol are able to browse the different talent that has already launched their own token through the platform. Users are able to become supporters through creating a stake using cUSD.
There is a staking mechanism where each deposit generates a yield. When staking, a user chooses which talent they want to sponsor. The sponsored talent will receive a portion of the yield proportional to the amount of Talent Token he owns, a talent that owns 10% of their own tokens will receive more than a talent that owns 1% of their own tokens, but that value at a minimum will be 1%. This is currently the only mechanism that mints Talent Tokens.

Active Stake

As long as a user has an active stake, they will be eligible to receive rewards from the network through our staking mechanism. There are three possible actions that a user can perform:
  • Buy more tokens (Restake): by buying more tokens you can use the rewards that you have accumulated from staking to increase your active position on the talent, minting new tokens with the rewards that you have accumulated.
  • Sell your tokens (Unstake): a user that has an active stake can remove their position through unstaking. To do so, they must burn their Talent Tokens to unlock the $TAL accumulated on the stake. If they no longer have access to any of the Talent Tokens they won't be able to unstake and receive the staked TAL.
  • Claim: a user is able to withdraw their $TAL rewards, so that they can use them to support a different talent.