Core Team

Meet the Core Team of Talent Protocol:

Pedro (CEO & Co-Founder):

HR Tech innovator whose career mission is to build products that allow individuals to fully own their careers. Founder at Landing.Jobs - the biggest tech recruitment marketplace in Portugal. Selected by HR Weekly and TA Tech as a top 100 HR Tech expert.

Filipe (CMO & Co-Founder):

A computer engineer by training and a creative strategist by nature. 10+ years of marketing experience building progressive brands and engaging communities for Nike, Nestlé, L’Oréal, and ActivoBank - Europe's Best Bank in Social Media in 2012.

Francisco (CPO):

Full-stack developer with 5+ years of experience and a background on electrical and computer engineering that specializes in modern javascript and ruby. From solo developer to core member of a 65+ development team with a special interest in sharing knowledge and helping others.
Frederico (Full-Stack Developer):
Senior software engineer with vast experience in Ruby on Rails and React. With a background in computer science, always loved to solve logic riddles. Found and invested in crypto some years ago, making the jump to work with web3 at Talent Protocol. Trying to make the world more and more crypto native.

Isabella (Community Lead):