Supporter FAQs

What kind of returns can a supporter expect?

What kind of supporters should join?

Talent Protocol is designed for patient investors with a "win and help win" mentality that believe life can be a positive-sum game.
Rule of thumb: if you're after a quick profit, probably this isn't the right place for you.
Supporters are often the mentors, teachers, family and friends who don’t get any tangible reward for the important role they play in someone’s professional success. But now they can finally start capturing some of the value they create for others.
Talent Protocol is a win-win game that creates value for both talent and their supporters while fostering a network effect fueled by the success of all talent using the protocol.
Talent Protocol is not primarily about generating profits, although that can often happen: it’s about a group of people working aligned towards the same goal.
Talent Protocol enables 3 different types of returns:
  1. 1.
    A market-driven ROI for supporters
  2. 2.
    A utility-centric ROI for supporters
  3. 3.
    A return for society

What kind of return should supporters expect?

1. Return On Investment (market-driven)

By using an adapted structure of the market economy, talent and supporters have a ready-built mechanism for accountability, and measuring success that is easy to understand. The price of a Talent Token serves as a benchmark for someone’s current value and future potential. The higher the price, the more optimistic the stakeholders are.
Supporters can always sell a portion of their Talent Tokens at any point in time and make a profit if the talent they invested in becomes more valuable.

2. Return On Investment (utility-centric)

When backers buy and hold Talent Tokens, they're not only investing in a talent financially but also subscribing to their career journey, and gaining access to additional services and benefits.
Depending on the talent you are backing, Talent Tokens can have different use cases, like being redeemable for time of the owner or giving the supporters access to private content, calls or events.

3. A return for society

Talent Tokens allow supporters to become an active part of someone's career, by owning a piece of their economy, and allows them to grow together with their favorite talent.
Talent Protocol can be a form of crowdfunding, so it might not always be your intention to recoup all your money. You could simply use Talent Protocol as a donation platform and keep your Talent Tokens as a proof of early support. Imagine being able to say you are an early investor in the next Malala Yousafzai?
Or the talent that received support from you might one day decide to show appreciation for their early believers and decide to buy back all Talent Tokens at a much higher price? The possibilities are unlimited.