Product Roadmap

Product Strategy

  • The core use case for Talent Protocol’s Season 2:
    • for Talent we are their web3 professional identity (with economic features)
    • and for Supporters we are the place to discover new talent.
For the second season of Talent Protocol we’re looking to increase the utility of the talent profile, for it to have a shareable format and to create the stepping stones of opening and widening the talent pool on the platform.
What we understand by shareable is three-fold.
  • We want for talent to feel like their profile represents well their professional image (online). By doing this we will need to shift the mindset of one’s worth being tied to what they have done and focus on what they’re doing and what they have planned for their future.
  • We want to increase information stored on chain so that anyone can benefit from accessing that data. We want a system of trust between platform users in order to validate one's achievements both past and present so that regardless of where you are or what you’re trying to do is backed up by your verified achievements.
  • We want talent to be easy to find on the platform.


Given this strategy the main outcomes we want to have from 2022 H1 are:
  • A profile that represents one’s professional identity online, backed by their verified achievements
  • A multi-chain platform so that it is easier to attract new supporters and new talent
  • An easy way for supporters to find the talent they want and foster interactions

Product Metrics

  • Increase Monthly Active Users
  • Increase ratio of supporter that registers and buys someones token
    • Goal: 50%
  • Increase the number of supporters that were invited by users
    • Goal: 40% (40% of users have invited at least another user, currently ~29.5%)
  • Increase the ratio of talent with complete profiles**
Check our Product Roadmap for more details.

Talent Protocol v2 (2023)

  • Users:
    • open to all talent
  • New Features: Career NFTs, Dispute Resolution, Talent Scouting Rewards, Content NFTs (blog posts, business plans, tweets ...see $ESSAY)
  • Grants: Community grants for further R&D (new use cases: payroll, economic rights, referrals, background checks, signing bonus, insurance, ...)
  • Partnerships:
    • Kleros, for ERC792 compliant dispute resolution
    • Proof of Humanity, for identity validation