Growth Plan 2022

Marketing Strategy

  • The core use case for Talent Protocol’s Season 2:
    • for Talent we are their web3 professional identity (with economic features)
    • and for Supporters we are the place to discover new talent.
  • Make the talent profile public, visually appealing and easily shareable on other platforms
    • Persuade them to add their personal ticker to Twitter, LinkedIn, Behance, Dribble, Polywork, etc...
    • Help talent to improve their profiles and invite their network to Talent Protocol.
  • Example: the initial use case of Instagram was taking great photos without photography skills, and they grew because people shared those photos on Facebook and Twitter.

Growth Plan

☝ Growth should be about the entire journey, not just acquisition. Engagement matters more than scale in the beginning.
🚀 Main Goals:
  • Season 1 (Jan, Fev): 20k subscribers, 5k users, 250 talent tokens, 500 active supporters, $200k TVL
  • Season 2 (Mar-Jun): 50k subscribers, 10k users, 500 talent tokens, 1000 active supporters, $500k TVL
More metrics here.
You can find our full 2022 Growth Plan here.​