Principles, routines, and roles

Key principles, core team routines, and extended team structure

Our key principles

  • We are a fully remote team.
  • Async-first in order to respect personal & work time.
  • The North Star for our decision-making : our mission, vision, and values like they are describe here. For votes in the Core Team, we use a simple majority: one vote per founder (CEO holds the tie-breaking vote)
  • Big dreams, small teams: our core team maximum capacity is nine. We enforce this in order to stay agile and focused on delivering.
  • Official language: English (US).
  • Core team members should enjoy the local holidays of the country they're based in.

Our Core Team Routines

  • Weekly status calls on Monday 3PM, WET timezone. You can read the updates and watch the recordings in our Notion (recordings contain easter eggs😉)
  • We use our Task Management to keep track of work.
  • If possible, the Core Team gets together IRL every month and/or quarter

Extended Team roles & rewards

Strategic Advisor: rewarded 10.000.000,00 $TAL, commitment: everything Advisor, plus being ready for regular (even daily) inbound team requests and giving deep support within their different areas of expertise.
Advisor: rewarded 1.200.000,00 $TAL, commitment: everything Strategic Supporter does, plus monthly check-ins with at least one of the founders & core team.
Strategic Supporter: rewarded 300.000,00 $TAL, commitment: expected to help the core team occasionally (~2 times a quarter) and be an active advocate of Talent Protocol on Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Linkedin.
Supporter: rewarded 100.000,00 $TAL, commitment: expected to help the team sporadically and be an active advocate of Talent Protocol on Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Linkedin, ...
Vesting Period: ****same as Core Team & Advisors as seen on the Token Sale Plan.
Investor: will receive $TAL tokens according to the amount invested; no commitment expected other than contributing to protect & grow their investment!
Vesting Period: depends on the round the Investor joined, as seen on the Token Sale Plan.
Contributor: TBD
Ambassador: key opinion leaders (KOL) in the web3, NFTs and social tokens space that can receive an initial amount $TAL tokens that they pledge to reinvest in talent in the platform.
Vesting Period: TBD