Why is Talent Protocol built on the blockchain?

Why Talent Tokens and not USD or EUR?

  1. 1.
    Trust: Blockchain brings trust and transparency to the Talent-Supporter relationship by allowing reputations to be verifiable on public blockchains. Recommendations on traditional social networks are free and can be removed. Records on the blockchain are stronger signals because they are public and immutable, leading to greater trust.
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    Monetization: Talent can monetize their career potential or get support from people that believe in them without having to set up a company.
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    Incentivization: Blockchains incentivize anyone to become a talent scout and be financially and emotionally rewarded for discovering hidden talent early.
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    Technology: Tools like NFTs and personal tokens can reflect the strength of real-world relationships. They facilitate tiered access and gamification, which allow talented people to reward engaged supporters and incentivize supporters to help talent.