What is Talent Protocol?

The Web3 Professional Network for High-Potential Talent

What is Talent Protocol?

Talent Protocol is the web3 professional network where high-potential individuals can build an on-chain resume and launch a talent token, allowing anyone to easily invest in their careers.
Supporters can discover top talent and contribute to their professional journey. Network rewards and exclusive perks offered by talent incentivize supporters to invest in talent's career and be rewarded for their growth.
Talent can take ownership of their career by launching their own token. This transforms talent's network into a committed community that is incentivized to help talent succeed.

What is the goal of Talent Protocol?

Talent Protocol is the web3 professional network for high-potential individuals and the people committed to supporting them.
We help the next generation of high-potential talent achieve success and fulfillment by enabling collective careers that recognize and reward everyone that contributes.
We enable collective careers by turning loose networks into committed communities. Until now careers have mostly been a single-player game where only a privileged few can win. With web3, careers are becoming multiplayer journeys where early support is rewarded and success is shared.
Talent Protocol is not a traditional company. We’re an open-source project building a carbon-negative and decentralized social network that values someone's quality of connections more than the quantity of their followers.

What problems does Talent Protocol solve?

For talent

  • Talented people need a way of representing their professional identity in Web3.
  • Talented people want to enable their network to support them in meaningful ways.
  • Talented people want to be visible to new supporters who feel aligned with their mission.
  • Talented people want to have access to educational and career opportunities.
  • Talented people want to build meaningful relationships with mentors, coaches, and peers.

For supporters

  • Supporters want to invest in talent as a show of support.
  • Supporters can discover top talent for work they may have.
  • Supporters want to be recognized as patrons of unprivileged talent.
  • Supporters want to contribute to someone's professional journey.
  • Supporters are rewarded for discovering hidden talent.