As part of the Talent Protocol community, you can actively help build the network and contribute to its success.
The Talent Protocol Bounties are aimed at rapidly growing the network and giving community members an opportunity to get involved in the development of Talent Protocol.

Bounty types

Currently, there are four types of bounties available on Talent Protocol:
  • Referral Bounty
  • Partnerships Bounty
  • Social Media Bounty
  • Talent Scouting Bounty
The requirements and remuneration for completed bounties will be formally defined in February 2022. However, all bounties are already open for completion.

Referral Bounty:

  • Goal: increase the number of active platform users.
  • Requirements:
    • Refer at least 5 people that reach L2 status in the community.
  • Successful outcome: bounty is considered completed when 5 referred users have reached L2 (multiple completion possible)
  • Remuneration: TBD

Partnerships Bounty:

  • Goal: refer Talent Protocol to potential growth partners
  • Requirements:
    • Partnership proposals are reviewed by the team on an individual basis.
  • Successful outcome: partner refers at least 5 new talent profiles to the platform (multiple completion possible).
  • Remuneration: TBD

Social Media Bounty:

  • Goal: increase social media reach beyond Twitter.
  • Requirements:
    • Create Tiktok or Youtube video about Talent Protocol (other platforms to be discussed on an individual basis).
    • Pre-approved by moderators
  • Successful outcome: video collects at least 10,000 views (multiple completion possible).
  • Remuneration: TBD

Talent Scouting Bounty:

  • Goal: increase number of talent on the platform.
  • Requirements:
    • Refer at least one talent
    • Female talent referred counts double.
  • Successful outcome: if talent is approved, bounty is considered completed (multiple completion possible)
  • If you refer two or more, you get the “Scout” NFT
  • Remuneration: TBD