$TAL Token
$TAL is our native governance token.
$TAL is an Ethereum blockchain-based asset that can be sent and received in the Ethereum mainnet network. Users can buy $TAL on app.talentprotocol.com or a DEX like Uniswap or a CEX like KuCoin.
$TAL is used as a governance token for the Talent Protocol network that enables the community of $TAL holders to become decision-makers and direct all major product and governance improvements.
$TAL tokens will also be used to reward talent and sponsors for active participation in the network.
Additionally, when someone purchases $TAL they’re buying a stake in the entire talent pool registered on Talent Protocol.

$TAL Utility

Buy Career Coins: $TAL is required to sponsor talent and gets locked as collateral in exchange for the talent's Career Coin.
Governance: the community of $TAL holders can vote on how Talent Protocol evolves.
Talent Validator: stake $TAL to vouch for a talent and earn yield for the locked $TAL.
Liquidity Staking: deposit $TAL into a liquidity pool and earn yield farming rewards.
Community Activity: earn rewards in $TAL when career economies are highly engaged.
Talent Scouting: reward users that suggest high-performing talent to ITO.
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$TAL Utility