Flow Controls
How to cash out your Career Coins.

Can I exchange Talent Tokens for real (fiat) money?

Talent Protocol will make it easier for talent to receive real monetary value from their economy by converting a portion of their Talent Token to $TAL, and from $TAL to other currencies, like traditional fiat currencies (e.g. USD) or other cryptocurrencies (using a DEX like Uniswap).
Depending on your country of residence, cashing out may be subject to passing local compliance requirements. There are also some limitations on amounts, called flow controls, which are designed to promote utility and usability over short-term speculation.

What are flow controls and why do we need them?

Users have a cap on how much career coins they can convert back to $TAL per month (maximum transaction size and frequency) based on the activity of each Talent Token economy (using a token bucket algorithm). You can also look at flow controls as a form of dynamic vesting.
This allows talent’s incentives as an issuer to be aligned with those of the sponsors that hold their Talent Tokens over the long-term. It also helps to avoid pump and dump schemes.
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