Proof of Talent
Proof of Talent is a consensus mechanism that will allow any user to become a Talent Validator. Talent Validators stake $TAL to vouch for a specific talent and what they claim in their profile, while earning yield for the locked $TAL.
Talent will also be able to stake their own $TAL to establish additional credibility with their sponsors.

Identity verification.

Talent Protocol will provide additional verification tools to double-check if the information presented by each talent is real. We're evaluating key partnerships that can make this process as simple and secure as possible.

Off-chain activities between talent and sponsors.

Off-chain activities, like services and perks token holders can access, are enforced socially rather than on-chain. This means Talent Protocol cannot guarantee that each talent follows through with what they promised or proposed, but they will likely see a drop on their Talent Token price if they don't. Honest, ethical and hard-working talent should eventually be rewarded with large liquid markets that they have created from zero intrinsic value.
Please be mindful, that it's always important to thoroughly conduct due diligence on all talent you plan to support and never spend more than you are willing to lose.

Last modified 27d ago