Why Talent Protocol?

Our mission is to empower undiscovered talent worldwide.


Talent is measured in the quality of your connections, not in the quantity.
Our mission is to help the next generation of high-potential talent achieve success and fulfillment by enabling collective careers that recognize and reward everyone that contributes.
As a result, the talented people working on the future of work today will be able to accelerate their careers, grow professionally, and find fulfillment in their professional and personal lives.


We see a Web3 world where talent can have full control over their careers and own their professional network. In this world, your reputation will be measured by how much people believe in you, not by how many followers you have. This will lead to a more inclusive and truly meritocratic economic system.
In the future, anyone will be able to tokenize their career and allow others to be economically invested in their success. Today's careers are single-player games focused on maximizing broad but shallow networks. In the future, we will go to multi-player professional journeys focused on genuine and deep connections.
Our long-term vision is to become a bridge for professionals to build their personal economies with Web3 tools.