What is Talent Protocol?
Sponsor talent and be rewarded when they succeed.

What is Talent Protocol?

Talent Protocol is a decentralized network where talent can create a personal token that represents their career (called Talent Tokens), and where sponsors can make angel investments in people they believe in.
Sponsors are incentivized to support the talent because their investment will grow if they succeed. Talent are incentivized to perform better because there’s an increased sense of purpose and accountability.
How Talent Protocol works.

What problems does Talent Protocol solve?

    Talent needs funding to accelerate their careers.
    Talent wants to build an engaged community of supporters.
    Sponsors want to fund their favorite talent and get returns.
    Sponsors want to be recognized as patrons of unprivileged talent.
Talent Protocol is not a traditional company. We’re an open-source project powered by our native governance token: $TAL. Check our governance page for more info.
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