What is Talent Protocol?
Back talent you believe in and be rewarded when they succeed

What is Talent Protocol?

Talent Protocol is a web3 platform where talent can easily launch a social token (called Talent Tokens) to accelerate their career, and where supporters can back people they believe in.
Supporters are incentivized to support the talent because they can find inspiring new talent to support and receive rewards as they grow. Supporters can hold Talent Tokens to access exclusive perks, redeem them for services, or sell them back to the market.
Talent can transform their loose professional network into active career stakeholders, access a global community of potential supporters, and receive additional network rewards by launching their Talent Token.
How Talent Protocol works.

What is the goal of Talent Protocol?

Talent Protocol's goal is to create the means to discover, empower and nurture talent worldwide through tokenizing careers.
In today's world, careers are single-player, zero-sum games. Everyone is focused on maximizing their own gain, instead of cooperating to reach the optimal outcome for all participants. We can reach this career equilibrium by creating a level playing field where merit matters more than backgrounds and where careers are composable, connections are genuine and success is shared. With this, we'll enter a stage of multiplayer professional journeys.
Talent Protocol is not a traditional company. We’re an open-source project powered by our native governance token: $TAL.

What problems does Talent Protocol solve?

  • Talented people need funding to accelerate their careers.
  • Talented people want to build an engaged community of supporters.
  • Talented people want to have access to educational and career opportunities.
    -> Talent Protocol acts as the bridge to opportunities for talented people.
  • Supporters want to invest in their favorite talent as a show of support.
  • Supporters want to pick from a pool of talented people for work they may have.
  • Supporters want to be recognized as patrons of unprivileged talent.
    -> Talent Protocol relieves the pain founders feel when looking for talent in the Web3 space.
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